Eternal One

Eternal OneEternal One, when You guide us,
Everything makes sense,
Everything feels magical,
Everything is right,
In ways that we couldn’t
Conceive of on our own.

When You guide us,
The Universe opens
And we can see the
Vibrant sky, as if
Your eyes looking upon us.

When You guide us,
Love permeates all,
Joy fills all things, all people
Light radiates to and from
And around.

When You guide us,
I am Home.

(c) 2018 RKE


“The Most Painful Goodbyes Are The Ones That Are Never Said And Never Explained…” ~ Bilal Nasir Khan

Put my foot in it again,
Why can’t we be friends.
Tired of waiting then
Wondering why,
Every time I speak,
You think it’s a lie.

Truth be told, I believed
In us. Like a pair of doves
Flying across the sky.
Unified forever, always
Holding each other
Higher. But who can
Keep a dream alive,
When the reality is
Pushing us down
Against the pavement.

Maybe some day,
Perhaps some other
time, you will find
There’s wanting,
Then we can
try again. For now
I’m holding my breath,
Dying for a drag
Of your sweetest

(c) 2018 RKE

Ajumble: Friday Nonsense ;)

DSC_0054So much to say,
But the mind is
Ajumble, pushed
Tight, and crammed
With thoughts and
Emotions, trying
To make their way

Write it down,
Scratch it out,
Covered in
Eraser dust.
Bang my head
Against the desk.

Shift concepts,
A hundred more
Times. Is barren
A synonym for blank?
Wait, what rhymes
With catastrophe?
Me, I think.

Singled out,
Ready to go
Shaking head,
Think I’ll go
To Billericay
or maybe Bali.
Or should I
Switch to RPDR,
Just, don’t F*
It up! this time.

(c) 2018 RKE



From the inside
I am bursting
Coming undone,
Ripping at
The seams.

Always careful
Yes, even
In silence,
To silence,
The inner

Not today
I say,
Not anymore.
I’ve turned
Into depth,
And silence
Into the
And cry
Of my

My veins.
I stand
On my
At the

Silence me
Shame on you,
Silence me
Well that’s
On me.

But I
Ever be

(c) 2018 RKE


RemnantsFunny that,
Something that is so innate, that it is in the
Very fiber of your body, being and soul. And Yet, it may be the very thing that you avoid, With equal opposing force.
Time passes, year after year, another decade,
An unfulfilled purpose. As I sit idly by
Wishing there was more to living.
But to expose this purpose, is to expose
Me. All the little naked bits, raw and tender,
Hiding from sunlight, even fresh air.
The birthdays rolled by and on past,
I wasn’t ready. Another year, this isn’t
Really for me. Another ten, maybe there is
Something to this mystery.
On it goes, as the fibers itch at my insides
Like wool against the skin in the hot sun.
If not now, when? Tiring of the question
As well as the predictable answer. Stop
Banging on the drums, can I get some peace and
Quiet here?
How can I go on living, without living, pretending
It’s living, when there’s always one foot out the
Door… maybe even two.
Does it matter to show up? To exist? Who’s
Counting anyway?
To get down to the matter, I’d need to feel like
It matters, that I do.
So I’ll put it all out there, not all at once, piece
By piece, letting go of fear with each step.
Realizing there is more here than I ever
Dreamed of, just beyond the hesitation.
And I find that, unbeknownst to me, I’ve become
Part of the land of the living.

(c) 2018 RKE